3D Aerial has extensive flight experience in both fixed wing and rotary wing Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).  We provide flight crews that possess the required private pilot and airman medical certifications.


3D Aerial was granted one of the first 333 exemptions in the U.S. and received a blanket Certificate of Authorization (COA) by the FAA.  Our senseFly eBee aircraft are registered for commercial operations in the U.S. and ready to fly.  We are authorized to provide aerial imaging services in the precision agriculture domain.  We are actively pursing additional exemptions to serve additional application domains.



  Crop Counting & Biomass

  Crop Growth / Health Monitoring

  Drainage Evaluation

  Yield Estimation

  Forestry Management

  Weed Detection

  Invasive Species Studies

  Plant Stress Assessment

  Erosion Evaluations

Other Applications


  GIS mapping and surveys

  Infrastructure Inspections

  Construction planning & monitoring

  Archaeological Site Surveys

  Wildlife Conservation

  Disaster Management

Post-disaster Assessments

  Stockpile Volume Estimations

  Strip Mining Surveys

For more information on our Flight Services, contact info@3daerial.com

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